Hello Ladies,

Some of you, may have heard of the designer line Lauren Vidal? If not, let me be the first to introduce her to you lovely women out there!

LAUREN, has an incredible fashion line, that is both inexpensive for a world renowned fashion designer. One of the amazing attributes, her clothing lines are generous in sizes. For example: Size: S = 4 to 6 with confort....Two, comfort, quality & style. "We know the french love their beautiful fashion. However, I guess too, one can say this about the french; they love quality & COMFORT as well! So, ladies there it is..........In the future why not try; Lauren Vidal of Paris. "I guarantee you will love her."

MICHAEL KURRY Womens Fashion


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I would like to say: Thank you to all who helped MICHAEL KURRY get started & to my very first 4 customers who believes in me & the merchandise that we sell. MICHAEL KURRY, stands behind the name and

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